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"This is a marvelous role. The lady is a marvelous bitch. Any actress would give anything to rant and rave and scream and have tantrums and hurl her Oscar, and do all of those things."

Julie Andrews on S.O.B.

S.O.BFelix Farmer, a big-time director who suffers a nervous breakdown after his big-budget, wholesome family film starring his actress-singer wife bombs at the box office. The desperate Farmer hits upon a desperate scheme: He'll buy the film from the studio, re-shoot several scenes to include R-rated material, then re-release the movie himself. But things don't go entirely according to plan.

Julie Andrews as Sally Miles

Directed By

Blake Edwards
Screenplay By
Blake Edwards
Music By
Henry Mancini
Release Date/Runtime
01 July 1981 (US)
122 Minutes
Sally Miles
Julie Andrews, William Holden, Richard Mulligan, Robert Vaughn, Robert Webber




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