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Duet For One


"I kind of enjoyed the very sexy one with Liam," she says with that marvelously - in spite of everything - innocent smile"

Julie Andrews on her bedroom scene in Duet For One

Duet for One Stephanie, a world-famous violinist suddenly afflicted with crippling multiple sclerosis. Forced to watch helplessly while her talent ebbs away, Stephanie discovers that her marriage is crumbling, too, when her composer-conductor husband (Alan Bates) escapes into an affair with his secretary.

Convinced that her life is worthless without her talent, Stephanie drifts into bitterness and isolation. She ignores the advice of her psychiatrist and continues on her self-destructive course. Alone and desperate, she finally has no choice but to confront and conquer her despair -- or die trying.

Duet for One

Directed By

Andrei Konchalovsky
Screenplay By
Tom Kempinski, Andrei Konchalovsky, Jeremy Lipp
Music By
Michael Lynn
Release Date/Runtime
February 1987 - US
107 Minutes
Stephanie Anderson
  Julie Andrews, Max von Sydow, Alan Bates, Rupert Everett, Liam Neeson, Margaret Courtenay




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