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Relative Values


"hope there is some empathy for the character, but I just loved her wit. [She has] this wonderfully subtle, witty sense of humor."

Julie Andrews on Relative Values

Relative Values
1950's England. Nigel, the eligible Earl Of Marshwood, announces his engagement to the beautiful Miranda Frayle. Nigel's mother Felicity takes the news with a stiff upper lip but privately she's appalled to hear her son and heir is to marry, of all things, a Hollywood actress!

On the other side if the Atlantic meanwhile, Miranda's ex, movie star Don Lucas, toasts the happy couple with a bottle of Jack Daniels before setting off for England determeined to reclaim the love of his wife.

Relative Values

Directed By

Eric Styles
Screenplay By
Paul Rattigan, Michael Walker
Music By
John Debney
Release Date/Runtime
23 June 2000 (UK)
87 Minutes
Felicity Marshwood
Julie Andrews, Colin Firth, Jeanne Tripplehorn, William Baldwin, Sophie Thompson, Edward Atterton




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