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Here's I'll Stay - The Words of Alan Jay Lerner

Here I'll Stay - The Words of Alan Jay Lerner

Release Date: 08 October 1996
Label: Philips
ASIN: B0000041C5

1. On A Clear Day
2. Brigadoon Suite: A) Brigadoon/Overture, B) Almost Like Bein' In Love, C) Waitin' For My Dearie...
3. My Love Is A Married Man
4. Here I'll Stay
5. Paint Your Wagon Suite: A) Paint Your Wagon, B) They Call The Wind Maria, C) I Talk To The Trees...
6. Someone On Your Side
7. One More Walk Around The Garden
8. My Fair Lady Suite: A) Overture, B) Wouldn't It Be Loverly, C) Let A Woman In Your Life, D) Just...
9. Take Care Of This House
10. What Did I Have That I Don't Have
11. Camelot Suite: A) Camelot, B) The Simple Joys Of Maidenhood, C) How To Handle A Woman...
12. There's Always One You Can't Forget
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