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10 Curiosities
Blake Edwards was inspired to write this script when he caught a brief glimpse of a woman on the way to her wedding.
10 was a smash hit, this was Blake and Julie's third collaboration (her tenth picture, and her first to be rated R), proved to be Blake's biggest commercial success, coming after his Pink Panther revival, 10 re-established Blake in Hollywood. The movie did considerably less for her, however, overshadowed as she was by costars Dudle Moore and Bo Derek.
Peter Sellers turned down numerous offers to play the lead role, but made a cameo appearance as a jazz drummer in a restaurant scene. The scene was cut from the movie.
Julie and Dudley  Moore did sing a duet with at the piano and in this non-musical movie: Henry Mancini's"It's Easy To Say", she also sings another song called "He Pleases Me", this song is supposed to describe Dudley Moore character, lyrics to both songs were written by Robert Wells.
"Blake was always thinking of me as Sam," she explained of her first role in five years, "and although it's not a huge role I did it for him because I was involved with the script for so long and it's such an important step in the development of Blake's work. But it was not a comeback for me, because I never retired."
Dudley said of Julie: " She's a very down-to-earth regular person. I don't think she's ever thought of herself as a huge celebrity. although God knows she is one. She has a huge following even now, but I think she has a need to be liked. We all do, but she's honest about it."
The song being played while Dudley Moore and Bo Derek are making love is Ravel's "Bolero". Bo Derek later starred in a movie called Bolero (1984).

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