She's just a good egg. She's a great lady, and she's a mom first. That's what's most important.

Emma Walton Hamilton describing her mother

Live From Studio 1A - 16 April 2007


This morning, the legendary Julie Andrews was on the show with her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton. They have written another book together (their 16th!), this one titled "Thanks To You: Wisdom From Mother & Child." After their interview, they stuck around for another couple of minutes to chat with me.

Q: You have balanced an incredible career while raising children as well. With Mothers Day coming up, what advice to you have for mothers who are trying to navigate that same route?

Julie Andrews: Well I have raised five children, and I now have seven grandchildren. Oh my... what advice? I'd say just go with the flow. And I take my hat off to any mother out there who works full-time and raises a family as well. It's hard work.

Q: You just got a wonderful lifetime achievement award from the Screen Actors Guild. Looking back on your career, do you have a greatest professional achievement, or one moment that you are most proud of?

Julie Andrews: Yes. Without a doubt. [Looks at her daughter Emma] Giving birth to my daughter. ["Awwws" from several people hanging around the studio]

Q: Mary Poppins is one of your most iconic characters. Now that story is having tremendous success here on Broadway as a musical. What does it mean to you that this character lives on and continues to entertain for generations?

Julie Andrews: Well I think I'm just proudest to be the lady who was asked to play Mary Poppins. She's such a wonderful character, and there's so much tremendous talent out there. So I feel very lucky to be the one who got to play her.

Q: Emma, describe your mother for me. Sum her up.

Julie Andrews: Oh well I'm not going to listen to this! [Walks away]

Emma Walton Hamilton: Well I think everyone knows the answer to that don't they? She's practically perfect in every way. [laughs] No seriously, do you want the real answer? She's just a good egg. She's a great lady, and she's a mom first. That's what's most important.