"I have one very tiny complaint. When he directs me in a love scene, he says, That was fine, but I know you can do better.""

Julie Andrews on being directed by her husband - Blake Edwards

LA Daily News - 28 January 2007
By Rob Lowman

Julie Andrews honored for her life's work

"I never fought my image," she told the Daily News in late 2005. "Simply because, God, how could you knock good fortune?"

Though she recently turned 71, age seems to have taken little toll on her. She's been married for more than 37 years to director Blake Edwards, for whom she starred in seven films, including "10," "Victor/Victoria" and "S.O.B," in which she famously bared her breasts. She's also worked for legendary directors Alfred Hitchcock and Robert Wise.

"I think I've been so incredibly lucky to be in the right place at the right time," Andrews said backstage Sunday. "Of course, I had a little sway there because I happened to be living with the director."

In 1997, Andrews suffered a devastating blow, the loss of her singing voice following botched vocal cord surgery. "I miss singing very, very much," Andrews said. "But I wonder if one isn't supposed to learn something from this, because I've never been busier." Among the things that Andrews has been busy at is a number of non-singing film roles ("The Princess Diaries," "Shrek 2") and writing children's books.

When Andrews was introduced, she received a standing ovation from an audience, including Edwards, whom Andrews called "my main squeeze."

"I have one very tiny complaint," she joked. "When he directs me in a love scene, he says, That was fine, but I know you can do better."