"I never fought my image, simply because, God, how could you knock good fortune?"

Julie Andrews

LA Daily News - 28 January 2007

Best and Worst From the Sag Awards

The Clumsiest Moment on the Red Carpet: Workers were rolling an ice sculpture of a champagne flute over to the toasting area when it fell off the dolly and broke its base.

The Most Musical Moment on the Red Carpet: Eddie Murphy enjoying a group of fans in the bleachers singing his '80s hit "Party All the Time."

The Classiest Moment on the Red Carpet: Julie Andrews saying it's "wonderful" to be recognized by her peers after all these years.

Worst Act of Cowardice: To the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" who didn't come backstage following their best drama ensemble victory to face questions that would have included the controversy regarding Isiah Washington's homophobic slurs.

Best Acceptance Speech Line: "It's about those 10 cast memberd sitting over there and the other one in rehab." — Chandra Wilson, best female actor in a drama series for "Grey's Anatomy"

Most Candid: "I'm sure there are some actresses out there saying, 'Get that woman out of my face,'" Helen Mirren , who has continued her best actress juggernaut.

Most Standing Ovations: Julie Andrews, Life Acheivement Award winner. Best Reunion: The cast of "The Mary Tyler Moore Show' who gave out the best comedy show award to the cast of "The Office." Most Improvement Speech: Forest Whitaker, who won best film actor award.