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A huge thank you to Ernesto Tomasini for his information and his organizational skills - without him we wouldn't have these pages .. and thank you to all the fans of Ms. Andrews who contributed information!!


Please note: Julie Andrews' last record to be released exclusively on vinyl was ''Love Julie'' from 1987. Her 1990 limited edition album ''The Sounds of Christmas From Around the World'' was released on vinyl but CD copies were also produced. Her first major CD release was the Studio Cast Album of ''The King & I'' in 1992, of which some vinyl copies were also made. All of her subsequent releases were on CD only. Many of Julie Andrews' records up to 1990 were also released on audiocassette .From the 2010s many of her records are also available for download.

--- Albums ---

++ ''The Lass with the Delicate Air'', RCA 1957
++ ''Julie Andrews Sings'', RCA 1958
++ ''Tell it Again'' (with Moondog. re-released in 2009), Angel 1958
++ ''Broadway's Fair Julie'', Columbia 1962
++ ''Don't Go into the Lion's Cage Tonight'' (later re-released with the title ''Heartrendering Ballads and Raucous Ditties''), Columbia 1962
++ ''A Christmas Treasure'' (André Previn conductor. UK only; first released in the States as a giveaway at Firestone Tire Stores and in part re-released as ''Christmas with Julie Andrews'': See the "Compilations and Reissues on Vinyl" section), RCA 1967
++ ''The Secret of Christmas'' (UK only; later released in the States on LP in two versions. Also re-released on various occasions with different covers and titles such as ''Julie Andrews Christmas Album'' and ''The Sound of Christmas''. See the "Compilations and Reissues on Vinyl" section), CBS 1973
++ ''An Evening with Julie Andrews'' (live concert in Japan, released in that country and in Australia. Not available on CD), RCA 1977
++ ''Love Me Tender'' (released in the States with four fewer songs than the UK and in Japan and Australia with two extra songs. Not available on CD), Peach River 1983
++ ''Love, Julie'', USA Music Group 1987
++ ''The Sounds of Christmas from Around the World'' (limited edition), Hallmark 1990
++ ''Julie Andrews Broadway: The Music of Richard Rodgers'', Philips 1994
++ ''Julie Andrews, Here I'll Stay: The Words of Alan Jay Lerner'', Philips 1996

--- Soundtracks ---

++ ''Mary Poppins'', Buena Vista 1964
++ ''The Sound of Music'', RCA 1965
++ ''Thoroughly Modern Millie'', Decca 1967
++ ''Star!'', 20th Century Fox Records 1968
++ ''Darling Lili'', RCA 1970
++ ''The Pink Panther Strikes Again'' (credited as Ainsley Jarvis), United Artists 1976
++ ''"10"'', Warner Brothers 1979
++ ''Victor/Victoria'', MGM/Polygram 1982
++ ''Relative Values'' (dialogues only), Silva Screen Records 2000
++ ''The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement'', Walt Disney Records 2004

--- TV Soundtracks ---

++ ''High Tor, Decca 1956
++ ''Cinderella, Columbia 1957
++ ''Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall, Columbia 1962
++ ''Julie & Carol at Lincoln Center, Columbia 1971
++’’Julie’s Greenroom’’, Varese Sarabande 2017

--- Original Cast Albums ---

++ ''The Boy Friend'', RCA Victor 1955
++ ''My Fair Lady'' - Broadway, Columbia 1956
++ ''My Fair Lady'' - London - stereo, Columbia 1959
++ ''Camelot'', Columbia 1961
++ ''Putting it Together'', RCA Victor 1993
++ ''Victor/Victoria'', Philips 1995
++ ''Doctor Dolittle'', 1st Night Records 1998
++ ''Hey Mr Producer!'' (dialogues only), 1st Night Records 1998
++ ''My Favourite Broadway: The Leading Ladies'' (dialogues only), 1999
++ ''My Favourite Broadway: The Love Songs'' (dialogues only), 2000

--- Studio Cast Albums ---

++ ''Rose Marie'', RCA 1958
++ ''The King and I'', Philips 1992

--- Audiobooks and Spoken Word ---

++ ''The Story behind My Fair Lady as told by the original cast'', Radiola MR-1122 (personality series No.13 - Release No. 122), 1959
++ ''Special Radio Programming Material: The Sound of Music'' (45 rpm size record that plays on 33 1/3. Julie Andrews Complete Radio Show with Hollywood commentator Dick Strout. From National Features Co, Hollywood, CA. One side has an interview with Julie, record # 2748, the flip , with Robert Wise, record # 2749. This includes a script that a radio DJ can read then Julie Andrews gives the answer on record, then a blank gap follows so the DJ can read the next question and so on), 1965
++ ''Julie Andrews Introduces The Happiest Sound In All The World'' (also contains snippets of songs), 20th Century Fox 1965
++ ''Mandy'' (two audiocassettes, abridged version) by and narrated by Julie (Andrews) Edwards, Dove Books - 1986
++ ''The Summer Friend: Special stories for special children'' by Mary Sheldon, narrators: Julie Andrews, Elliot Gould, Michael York and Mary Sheldon, Dove Books - 1996
++ ''Mother Goose & More: A collection of stories with music'', narrators: Julie Andrews and Peter Schickele (all profits to UNIFEM) Classic Raps CR02D - 1999
++ ''Little Bo'' by and narrated by Julie Andrews Edwards, Hyperion - 2000
++ ''Simeon's Gift'' by and narrated by Julie Andrews, Harper Collins - 2003
++ ''The Little Gray Men'' by BB, narrated by Julie Andrews, Julie Andrews Collection - 2004
++ ''Home: A Memoir of My Early Years'' by and narrated by Julie Andrews (a set of eleven CDs with an overall duration of 13 hours), Hyperion - 2008
++ ''Julie Andrews' Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies'' by and narrated by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton and accompanied by original music composed and performed by Ian Fraser (book with a “Selections from…” CD containing 20 poems), Little, Brown Young Readers - 2009
++ ''Julie Andrews' Collection of Poems, Songs and Lullabies'' by and narrated by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton and accompanied by original music composed and performed by Ian Fraser (a 2-cd set audiobook, unabridged), Little, Brown Young Readers - 2009
++ ’’Julie Andrews’ Treasury for All Seasons: Poems and Songs to Celebrate the Year’’ by and narrated by Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton (a 2-cd set or download, unabridged), Little, Brown Young Young Readers - 2012

--- Instrumental Soundtracks ---
Please note that CDs sung by various artists but NOT by Julie Andrews were produced for ''The Princess Diaries'', the three Shreks, “Despicable Me” and “Despicable Me 3”. These are not listed here: the following, unless noted, are underscoring only.

++ ''The Americanization of Emily'', Warner Bros. Records 1964
++ ''Hawaii'' (also: 3000 unit limited collectors edition 2 CD SET), 1966
++ ''Torn Curtain'' (also on CD), Decca 1966
++ ''Torn Curtain - Unused Score by Bernard Herrmann'' (also on CD), Warner Brothers Records 1978
++ ''Cin Cin'', BMG France 1991
++ ''The Princess Diaries - The Score'', Walt Disney 2001
++ ''Shrek2 - Original Motion Picture Score'', Varese Sarabande 2004
++ ''Eloise'' (limited edition double CD of 1200 copies), ASIN 2006
++ ''Shrek the Third - Original Motion Picture Score'', Varese Sarabande 2007
++ ''Enchanted'' (also contains songs not sung by Julie), Walt Disney 2007
++ ''Tooth Fairy'', Varese Sarabande 2010
++ ''Shrek Forever After - Original Motion Picture Score'', Varese Records 2010
++ ’’Despicable Me 3 (Original Motion Picture Score)’’, Black Lot Music 2017

--- Singles ---

++ ''Polonaise'' from the opera Mignon (78 rpm, released for the first time on CD in 1999 in the compilation ''The Glory of the West End''), Columbia UK 1948
++ ''Je Veux Vivre/Come to the Fair'' (78 rpm, released for the first time on CD in 2007 in the compilation ''Once Upon a Time''), Columbia UK 1948
++ ''Ah!Vous Dirai-Je Mama/The Wren'' (78 rpm, released for the first time on CD in 2007 in the compilation ''Once Upon a Time''), Columbia UK 1948
++ ''Jack and the Beanstalk/When We Grow Up'' (78 rpm, released for the first time on CD in 2007 in the compilation ''Once Upon a Time''), His Master's Voice UK 1950
++ ''My Fair Lady, Volume 1'', Columbia 1956
++ ''My Fair Lady, Volume 2'', Columbia 1956
++ ''My Fair Lady, Volume 3'', Columbia 1956
++ ''My Fair Lady, Volume 4'', Columbia 1956 (all four also in boxed set)
++ ''The Lass With the Delicate Air" Vol 1, 2 & 3'', RCA 1957
++ ''The Lass with the Delicate Air, Canterbury Fair/To a Wild Rose, The Days of the Kerry Dancing'', RCA Victor 1957
++ ''Tom Pillibi/Lazy Afternoon'' (available for downloading from Feb 2011), Decca UK 1960
++ ''Meantime (Carol Burnett)/You're So London (duet with Burnett)'' (radio promo, not for sale), Columbia 1962
++ ''Tony (Bennett) and Julie: Showtime'' (Julie sings "A Little Bit in Love" and "How are Things in Glocca Morra" - CSP WEP1123), Columbia (?) 1962 (?)
++ ''Waiting at the Church/Don't Go In the Lion's Cage Tonight'', Columbia 1962
++ ''He Loves Me/Dear Friend'' (in Great Britain only), CBS 1964
++ ''Supercalifragilisticexpiralidocious (with Dick Van Dyke)/A Spoonful of Sugar'', Buena Vista 1964
++ ''Johnny Mathis: Maria/Julie Andrews: I Feel Pretty'', CBS 1966
++ ''Jimmy/Thoroughly Modern Millie'', Decca 1967
++ ''Ridgways Show Favourites - Tony Bennet: Baby Dream Your Dreams/Ray Connif: Chim Chim Cher-ee/Julie Andrews: Baubles, Bangles and Beads/Ray Connif: My Favourite Things'', CBS Special Products 1967
++ ''Julie Andrews: Jingle Bells/ Vic Damone: It Came Upon a Cristmas Clear/ Jack Jones: Joy to the World/ Marian Anderson: We Wish You a Merry Christmas'' (a 33 rpm Special Collector's Edition), RCA 1968
++ ''Star!/Someone to Watch Over Me'', 20th Century Fox Records 1968
++ ''Whistling Away The Dark/Smile Away Each Rainy Day'', RCA 1970
++ ''It's Easy to Say/Ravel's Bolero'', Warner Brothers 1979
++ ''Le Jazz Hot/The Shady Dame From Seville'', MGM/Polygram 1982
++ ''Love Me Tender/Love is a Place Where Two People Fall/I Still Miss Someone'', Peach River (UK) 1983
++ ''Love Me Tender/Some Days are Diamonds'', Attic (Canada) 1983
++ ''The Sound of Christmas/O Come All Ye Faithful'', USA Music 1987
++ ''Gettng to Know You'' (a CD single given as a present to members of the press for the launch of ''The King and I'', not for sale), Philips 1992
++ ''Living in the Shadows'' (a CD single produced to raise funds for Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS), Philips 1997
++ ''A Selection from Doctor Dolittle'' (1 Talk to the Animals [with Phillip Scofield], 2. Beautiful Things, 3. After Today, 4. When I Look in Your Eyes [none of these last three was sung by Andrews]; for radio promotion, not for sale), 1st Night Records 1997
++ ''Your Crowning Glory'' (special single aimed at the members of the Academy Award "For Your Consideration", not for sale) Walt Disney 2004
++ ''The Show Must Go On'' (a limited edition single CD or the song available for downloading), 2006

--- First CD Editions of LPs ---

++ ''My Fair Lady - Broadway'', Columbia 1988?
++ ''My Fair Lady - London'', Columbia 1988?
++ ''Camelot'', Columbia 1988?
++ ''Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall'' (very rare), Columbia 1989
++ ''The Boy Friend'', RCA Victor 1989?
++ ''Mary Poppins'', Walt Disney 1989
++ ''The Sound of Music'', RCA 1989?
++ ''Love Julie'' (repackaged and re-released several times with the titles ''Tea For Two'', ''Come Rain or Shine'' and ''The Essential Julie Andrews'', among others. From 2012 available for download, with the addition of tracks by Judy Garland and titled ‘’Judy Garland Meets Julie Andrews’’), BBC Records 1990
++ ''A Christmas Treasure'', 1990
++ ''Thoroughly Modern Millie'', MCA 1992
++ ''Star!'' (contains previously unreleased material), 20th Century Fox 1993
++ ''The Best of Julie Andrews'', Sony 1994
++ ''Victor/Victoria'', Crescendo 1994
++ ''Cinderella'', Columbia 199?
++ ''Broadway's Fair Julie/Heartrendering Ballads and Raucous Ditties'' (the two albums on a double CD, produced in Spain), CBS/Sony 1995
++ ''The Pink Panther Strikes Again - Delux Edition'' (contains previously unreleased material), MGM 1998
++ ''Darling Lili'', RCA 1999
++ ''10'', WB 1999?
++ ''Cinderella'' (remastered issue with four bonus tracks), Sony 1999
++ ''Julie Andrews Sings'' (produced in Japan), RCA 1999
++ ''Christmas with Julie Andrews'' (first CD edition of ''The Secret of Christmas'', later also released with its original and other titles), Columbia 1999
++ ''The Lass with the Delicate Air'' (produced in Japan. Released in UK in 2007 on Flare Records), RCA 2002
++ ''Victor/Victoria'' (digitally remastered movie soundtrack with previously unreleased material), Turner Classics 2002
++ ''Mary Poppins - Two Disc Special Edition Soundtrack'' (contains previously unreleased material), Walt Disney Records 2004
++ ''The Sound of Music - 40th Anniversary Special Edition'' (contains previously unreleased material), Sony/BMG 2004
++ ''Julie Andrews Sings for You'' (reissue of ''The Lass with Delicate Air'' + two unreleased songs from the ''Dinah Shore Show''), Flare Records 2008
++ ''Julie Sings'' (reissue of ''Julie Andrews Sings'' + other songs), Flare 2009
++ ''Rose-Marie'', Sepia 2009
++ ''Moondog with Julie Andrews & Martyn Green - Songs of Sense and Nonsense - Tell It Again'' (formerly ''Tell It Again''), Poppydisc 2009
++ "Julie Andrews & Carol Burnett: The CBS television specials. Julie & Carol at Carnegie Hall / Julie & Carol at Lincoln Centre, Masterworks Broadway 2012
--- Compilations and Reissues on Vinyl ---

++ ''Firestone Christmas Carols Volume 4'' (Julie sings a different version of “The Bells of Christmas”, “The Christmas Song (Chestnuts)” and “Rocking (Sweet Little Jesus Boy)”. Other tracks are by Vic Damone, Dorothy Kirsten, James McCracken and The Young Americans. Arranged and conducted by Irwin Kostal. Not available on CD), Forrell & Thomas 1965
++ ''Firestone Christmas Carols Volume 5'' (US edition of ''A Christmas Treasure'', minus the song “The Lamb of God”, which was added for the “Treasure” release), Forrell & Thomas 1966
++ ''Christmas with Julie Andrews'' (a reissue of seven songs from ''A Christmas Treasure'' plus six songs by The Yuletide Choristers), RCA 1969
++ ''A Little Bit in Love'' (reissue of songs from ''Broadway's Fair Julie'' and ''Don't Go Into the Lion's Cage Tonight''. Not available on CD), Harmony 1970
++ ''The World of Julie Andrews'' (in Great Britain: ''The Best of Julie Andrews''; reissue of songs from ''Broadway's Fair Julie'', ''Don't Go Into the Lion's Cage Tonight'' and ''My Fair Lady'' - London), Columbia 1972
++ ''TV's Fair's Julie'' (reissue of ''Broadway's Fair Julie''. Not available on CD), Harmony 1972
++ ''Julie Andrews'' (reissue of songs from ''The Lass With Delicate Air'' and ''Julie Andrews Sings''. Not available on CD), RCA 1975
++ ''Julie Andrews Signature Album'' (reissues from various albums; limited edition double red vinyl set. Not available on CD), Franklin Mint 1978
++ ''Songs for Christmas” (US first release of ''The Secret of Christmas'' as a compilation with one side by Julie and the other by the Children’s Mistletoe Chorus), 1978
++ ''Christmas with Julie Andrews'' (US release of ''The Secret of Christmas''), 1982
++ ''The Julie Andrews Christmas Album'' (a reissue of ''The Secret of Christmas'', UK only), Readers Digest Records 1984
++ ''The Sound of Christmas'' (a reissue of ''The Secret of Christmas''), 1987
++ ''The Lass With the Delicate Air'', 2008
++ ''Moondog with Julie Andrews & Martyn Green - Songs of Sense and Nonsense - Tell It Again'' (a reissue of ''Tell It Again''), Poppydisc 2009

--- Compilations on CD ---

++ ''Julie Andrews: A Little Bit of Broadway'', Columbia 1988
++ ''The Souvenir Album'', Columbia 1992
++ ''The Best of Julie Andrews'', Sony 1994
++ ''Thoroughly Modern Julie: The Best of Julie Andrews'', Sony 1996
++ ''Greatest Christmas Songs'' (compilation of ''A Christmas Treasure'' and a few songd from "Julie Andrews Sings'', also released in 2005 with the title ''Christmas with Julie Andrews and Andre Previn'' and also as ''Family Christmas Classics''), RCA 2000
++ ''Classic Julie Classic Broadway'', Decca 2001
++ ''Julie Andrews Selects Her Favourite Disney Songs'' (compilation of original tracks from Disney films selected by Andrews), Walt Disney Records 2005
++ ''Julie Andrews: At Her Very Best'' (double CD), UCJ 2006
++ ''Julie Andrews: Once Upon a Time'' (contains never before released songs from the very first part of her career and five songs from "Tell It Again''), Sepia 2007
++ ''Musicality'', Stage Door 2009
++ ''These Precious Things'', Delta 2010
++ ''Julie Andrews: 4 Classic Albums (My Fair Lady / Julie Andrews Sings / The Lass With The Delicate Air / Tell It Again)'', Avid Easy 2010
++ ’’Our Fair Lady - The Divine Julie Andrews’’, (3 CD set, 55 tracks), Reader’s Digest 2012
++ ’’Julie Andrews: Six Classic Albums’’ (4 CD box set), Real Gone Music 2017
++ ’’Julie Andrews Sings’’. (2 CD set, 50 tracks from records released between 1957 and 1962), Not Now Music 2017

--- Other Compilations ---

++ ''Julie Andrews Sings for You'' (a 2 volume cassette collection), Sony Music Entertainment 1994
++ "Saving Mr Banks’’ (original songs from Mary Poppins included in this double CD deluxe edition); Walt Disney Records 2013

--- Various Artists Compilations in Which Andrews Features On a Few Tracks Only ---

--- Vinyl ---
++ ''Sounds in Space'' (Little Old Lady), RCA Victor 1958
++ ''Bob & Ray Throw a Stereo Spectacular'' (We'll Gather Lilacs in the Spring), RCA Victor 1958
++ ''Songs for a Summer Night'' (2 record set; By the Light of the Silvery Moon), Columbia Records 1963
++ ''The Great Songs of Christmas, Album 3'' (for Goodyear; Silent Night), CSP 1964
++ ’’The Music of Mary Poppins’’ (“especially prepared for radio”), Wonderland Music Company 1965
++ ''Walt Disney's Happiest Songs'' (Made for Gulf Oil; Supercalifrag...), Disneyland Records 1967
++ ''Walt Disney's Merriest Songs'' (Produced for Gulf Oil; Chim-Chim-Cheree), Disneyland Records 1968
++ ''The Golden Glow of Christmas'' (Produced for JC Penny; Silent Night), CSP 1972
++ ''Christmas Is...'' (Produced for Goodyear; Silent Night), CSP 1972
++ ''The American Musical Theatre'' (The Rain in Spain), CSP 1972
++’’To The Good Life’’ (Big D with Carol Burnett), CSP 1973
++ ''Joyous Christmas, Vol. 7'' (Produced for Beneficial Finance System; Silent Night), CSP 1973
++ ''Ronco Presents A Christmas Present'' (Silent Night), CSP Ronco Teleproducts, Surrey Eng. 1973
++ ''Christmas Greetings, Vol. 4'' (Produced for A & P Store; The Secret of Christmas), CSP 1973
++ ''The Many Moods of Christmas'' (Produced for Goodyear; Oh Come All Ye Faithful), CSP 1973
++ ''A Very Merry Christmas, Vol. 7'' (Produced for Grants; God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen), RCA Special Products 1973
++ ''50 Happy Years of Disney Favorites'' (2 volume set; Chim-Chim Cheree), Disneyland Records 1973
++ ''Ronco Presents Broadway Originals'' (The Rain in Spain), CSP 1973
++ ''Christmas Greetings, Vol. 5'' (for the A & P Stores; Hark the Herald Angels Sing) CSP 1974
++ ''Ronco Presents A Christmas Gift'' (Oh Come All Ye Faithful), Ronco Teleproducts, Surrey, Eng 1974
++ ''Happy Holidays, Vol. 10'' (Produced for True Value Hardware; Oh Little Town of Bethlehem), CSP 1974
++ ''The Brightest Stars of Christmas'' (For JC Penny; Jingle Bells), RCA Special Products 1974
++ ''Carols & Candlelight'' (Produced for Goodyear; What Child is This?), CSP 1974
++ ''A Gift of Christmas Favorites'' (Produced for Safeway; Oh Little Town of Bethlehem), CSP 1975
++ ''The Great Stars of Christmas'' (Angels From the Realms of Glory), RCA Special Products 1975
++ ''The National Academy of Popular Music--Song Writer's Hall of Fame'' (The Sound of Music & The Rain in Spain), CSP 1975
++ ''Ronco Presents the Greatest Hits of Walt Disney'' (Chim-Chim-Cheree & Supercalifrag...), Ronco Teleproducts 1975
++ ''Christmas Glow'' (Jingle Bells), RCA Special Products 1976
++ ''Christmas Presents'' (Hark the Herald Angels Sing), CSP 1976
++ ''Neo-Sonic Presents Enchanted Evenings with Rodgers & Hammerstein'' (Do-Re-Mi), RCA Special Products 1976
++ ''Merry Christmas'' (Produced for Cokesbury Bookstores; Silent Night), CSP 1977
++ ''Joy to the World'' (Sunny Bank & God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen), RCA Special Products (Sessions) 1977
++ ''Merry Christmas'' (Silent Night''), CSP 1977
++ ''Magic Moments from the Musicals of Rodgers & Hammerstein'' (3 record set; The Sound of Music & Do-Re-Mi), GRT Music Reproductions 1978
++ ''Happy Holidays, Vol. 13'' (For True Value Hardware; Jingle Bells), RCA Special Products 1978
++ ''Merry Christmas from Our House to Your House'' (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen), RCA Special Products 1978
++ ''The Best of Disney, Vol. 2'' (Supercalifrag...), Disneyland Records 1978
++ ''The Magical Music of Walt Disney'' (4 album set; ''Mary Poppins'' Soundtrack), Ovation records 1978
++ ''Magic Moments from the Musicals of Rodgers & Hammerstein'' (4 record set; My Favorite Things, Do-Re-Mi, SOM & Edelweiss), GRT Music Productions 1978
++ ''Silent Night'' (Silent Night), CBS 1979
++ ''It's Christmas Time" (It Came Upon a Midnight Clear), CBS 1979
++ ''Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas'' (Amid the Bleak Midwinter), CBS 1979
++ ''The Wonderful World of Christmas'' (The Christmas Song), CBS 1979
++ ''Broadway Magic--The Best of the Great Broadway Musicals'' (I Could Have Danced All Night), Columbia 1979
++ ''A Christmas Festival'' (4 record set; Irish Carol, Angels from the Realms of Glory, Lamb of God, Deck the Halls), RCA Special Products 1979
++ ''Happy Holidays, Vol. 15'' (Produced for True Value Hardware; Sunny Bank), RCA Special Products 1980
++ ''The Musical World of Richard Rodgers'' (2 record set; Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful), Columbia Records 1980
++ ''Broadway Magic--The Great Performers, Vol. 2'' (The Rain in Spain & What do the Simple Folk Do?), Columbia 1980 (re-issue)
++ ''Christmas Star Time'' (Patapan), CBS 1981
++ ''Happy Holidays, Vol. 16'' (For True Value Hardware; Deck the Halls) RCA Special Products 1981
++ ''100 Minutes of Music'' (2 album set; Baubles, Bangles & Beads), CSP 1993?
*"Time-Life--American Musicals" (3 record set with a selection from ''My Fair Lady'' & ''Camelot''), date unknown
++ ''A Very Merry Christmas, Vol. 4'' (Produced for W.T. Grant Co.; Silent Night), Columbia Special Products, date unknown
++ ''50 Happy Years of Disney Favourites'' (2 LP's plus an 11 page book of full-color illustrations; Chim Chim Cher-ee with Dick Van Dyke), Disneyland Records, date unknown
++ ''Henry Mancini Selects the Great Songs of Christmas" (Produced for Goodyear;Irish Carol), RCA Special Products, date unknown
++ ''This is Broadway's Best'' (2 record set; The Rain in Spain), Columbia Masterworks, date unknown
++ ''Let Yourself Go'' (Produced for American Express; How are Things in Glocca Morra?), CSP, date unknown
++ ''Parade of Show Stoppers'' (Baubles, Bangles & Beads), CSP, date unknown
++ ''All Star Children's Album'' (Smarty), Columbia-Harmony Records, date unknown
++ ''World Star Festival--In Aid of the World's Refugees'' (Issued by the UN High Commissioner for Refugees; Thoroughly Modern Millie), date unknown
++ ''Great Entertainers on Broadway'' (Produced for Penncrest; Baubles, Bangles & Beads), CSP, date unknown
++ ''Zenith Salutes the Broadway Musicals'' (I Feel Pretty & I Didn't Know What Time it Was), CSP, date unknown
++ ''A Golden Encore'' (I Feel Pretty), CSP, date unknown
++ ''From Broadway to Hollywood'' (Produced for Zenith; Baubles, Bangles & Beads & I Feel Pretty), CSP, date unknown
++ ''The Winter Scene'' (2 album set; I Didn't know What Time it Was), CSP, date unknown
++ ''Showtime'' (Wouldn't it be Loverly?), Columbia Records, date unknown

--- Cassette ---
++ ''On the First Day of Christmas, Vol. 3'' (What Child is This?), Sony Music Entertainment 1974
++ ''Sounds of the Holiday Season'' (Away in a Manger), RCA Special Products 1979
++ ''Christmas Carousel'' (It Came upon a Midnight Clear), MCA Records 1980
++ ''A Christmas Treasury of Classics from Avon'' (Deck the Halls), RCA 1985
++ ''Happy Holidays, Vol. 22'' (Produced for True Value Hardware; Away in a Manger) RCA Special Products 1987
++ ''Those Wonderful Years on Broadway'' (I Could Have Danced All Night), Sony Music Special Products 1994

--- CD ---
++ ''Jewels'' (compilation of pieces by musician Bob Florence, among these "Jewels" a longer cut of "Soundsketch" sung by Andrews in the ''Love Julie'' album), Discovery / Wea 1993
++ ''20 Christmas Favorites'' (Hark the Herald Angels Sing), Sony Music Special Products 1993
++ ''Broadway's Fair Ladies'' (I Could Have Danced All Night), Sony Music 1993
++ ''Celebrate Broadway - Beautiful Girls, Vol. 6'' (Like it Was), RCA 1994
++ ''Classic Disney, Vol. 1'' (Jolly Holiday & Spoonful of Sugar), Walt Disney Records 1995
++ ''The Joy of Christmas, Vol. 2'' (Deck the Halls), RCA 1995
++’’Philips promo’’ (Julie sings a portion of “On the Street Where You Live” (not contained in the forthcoming album “Here I’ll Stay”) alongside audio clips from other albums by other singers, Philips 1996
++ ''The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas-Christmas Spirit'' (Joy to the World), BMG Special Products 1997
++ ''The Time-Life Treasury of Christmas--Holiday Magic'' (God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen), BMG Special Products 1997
++ ''Kid's Songs'' (Who Threw the Overalls in Mistress Murphy's Chowder), Sony Music Special Products 2001