"I was knocked sideways. I hadn't ever thought about it or considered anything like that. I'm so thrilled and surprised —and humbled by it."

Julie Andrews on her reaction to the news of being the 2006 Sag Lifetime Achievement Award nominee

BroadwayWorld.com - 30 Oct 2006

Photo Flash: Julie Andrews Signs Copies of New Book

On October 28th, the legendary Julie Andrews appeared at Waterstones in London to sign copies of her new children's book, TheGreat American Mousical.

Although best known for her iconic film and theatre career, Andrews (My Fair Lady, Camelot on Broadway, the films The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins) has also won popularity as a writer of such children's books as Simeon's Gift and Little Bo. 

The Great American Mousical, with illustrations by Tony Award-winner Tony Walton, is set "Grade 3-5–Deep beneath the grand but dilapidated Sovereign on New York City's Broadway, in a perfect miniature of the theater, a group of mice are furiously rehearsing for their own musical, due to open the next night, New Years Eve. However, the tempestuous leading lady, Adelaide, gets caught in a mousetrap, is abandoned outside the city, but with the help of a kindly stranger makes her way back in time for the performance. Alls well that ends well, but readers may not stick it out to the happy finale. So many stock characters are introduced so quickly–only a few of whom are fleshed out even to the smallest degree–that it is impossible to care about the fate of any of them. A long list of the characters at the front and a glossary of theatrical terms in the back add nothing to childrens appreciation of the magic of Broadway musicals," state Amazon.com notes on the book.

To order The Great American Mousical, visit www.amazon.com.

Julie Andrews at London Book Signing Julie Andrews - The Great American Mousical

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