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"One of the hardest films I’ve done …..one epic moment after another."

Julie Andrews on Hawaii

Hawaii Curiosities
Max von Sydow's real life sons, Henrik von Sydow and Clas S. von Sydow, both played his son, Micah, at different ages during the film. Henrik played a 7 year old Micah and Clas played a 12 year old Micah.
There are to versions for this movie: a shorter one (the easiest to find)  and a longer version, with some deleted scenes.
Julie Andrews said that Max Von Sydow was one of her favorite leading man "The unqualified front-runner, the most generous man I've ever met, with a light, lovely sense of humor."
Julie and Max Sydow worked together again, 20 years later, in Duet For One.
Julie became so infatuated with Hawaii that she bought an interest in a macadamia nut orchard and returned to the islands frequently in later years for vacations
Julie sings a little song in this movie called "My Wishing Doll", the song was nominated for an Oscar.
One day Julie had to lock herself up in her trailer because of enthusiastic fans that circled her trailer until it was swaying, she couldn't get out.
In another occasion, a zealous fan managed to steal an as-yet unused costume bonnet from Julie's trailer dressing room.

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